When in doubt, grab a HAMMER

Here is a funny article about how the government solves malware infections….[spoiler] WITH HAMMERS!

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The end is nigh

In Europe, there aren’t many cell phone contracts with carriers.  Everyone buys their own phone at full price and can take it to whichever provider they want.  T-Mobile has taken the first steps of getting rid of the archaic contract system in the U.S. and it looks like some of our other carriers may be coming around.

Higher phone purchase price but lower monthly payments sounds good to me, as I take good care of my phones.  But its likely if people are going to be have to start paying full price for phones that the prices may come down due to competition, since people will actually KNOW how much they are paying for the phone instead of having it subsidized by their carrier.

Here’s the article from CNN.

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The first step is admitting you have a problem…

Looks like Microsoft is finally going to own up to the fact that Windows 8 has some big design flaws.  I am hopeful they will address some of the big ones (LACK of start menu!) and make their product even better.

Heres the article.

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Inside Man

No, I’m not referring to the 2006 Denzel Washington movie, Inside Man, but a recent trend in malicious activity around the web.  Foreign spammers have been targeting popular American email providers so they can become ‘Inside Man’ and bypass many US email spam filters that would typically block them.  They attempt to guess weak passwords to take control of your email account to use your address/contact list to send their spam or even worse, distribute malicious software (virus).

Aol, Gmail, Yahoo & Hotmail/MSN have been the most popular targets.  If you have received strange emails from a friend or family using one of these email providers, refer them to me so that they can get help!  Likewise, if someone has informed you that your email is sending them strange stuff, act quickly!

If your password is more than a year old and isnt at least 8 characters long, you could be at risk.  If you want to know more about password ‘best practices’ give me a call or email.

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Unsecured wireless roulette

I found this great article from MSNBC about unsecured (not password protected) wireless routers.  Keeping your wireless router unsecured 24/7 is not a great idea, unless of course you enjoy the idea of a FBI raid kicking in your door with guns drawn.

Take security seriously and if you are ever in question that your system is configured properly, let a professional double check your work.


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The best defense…

is a recent backup.  Security programs leave much to be desired and even the best ones only offer fair protection for your computer.  Backups protect you from losing data that you’ve accumulated over years; be that family pictures, internet bookmarks, school papers, business & financial records, etc.  Security programs will not protect your computer from hardware failure or theft!  If you want to know more about best practices for backup or need help setting one up for yourself, shoot me an email.

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Deal or No Deal?

From time to time I get asked my opinion on refurbished computers or electronics.  Although manufacturers and retailers will give the refurbished units adequate warranties I do not believe the slight discount is worth the added headache if you happen to get a device that does fail.  This is especially true if you purchased online, where there is a larger stock of refurbished units.  Computers and electronics are VERY sophisticated designs and not easily inspected for quality to ensure the unit wont fail.

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An ounce of prevention..

is worth a pound of cure. -Ben Franklin

So a few of you may have noticed my blog was defaced.  Nothing too serious and fairly common when using a popular software like Word Press.  I hope this might illustrate the importance of keeping your software updated, but even more so, the importance of always having a good backup!

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So I finally had some free time to setup a wordpress website.  I look forward to posting plenty of great information that will benefit you all.  Check back soon!

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